"Melissa not only has the keen ability to see the potential of a completely disorganized space (and my basement was!), but also the energy and know-how to help you transform it. And she does it with dedication and respect. Melissa was a joy to work with, and I can't wait for her to come and help me now reclaim my kitchen."

"We enjoyed the organizing process with In Order Design immensely (as did my 5 month old daughter who lit up everytime Melissa was around).  Melissa has a very pleasant personality and is extremely easy to work with.  She is respectful and works very well with you and your personal belongings.  And of course our house turned out incredibly organized which is EXACTLY what we needed!"

"I used to consider myself a pack rat and felt completely overwhelmed by our house. We still have a little ways to go - it's not perfect - but I now love coming home thanks to Melissa and In Order Design."

"Somehow life has become incredibly smooth since I had our entire home professionally organized. Melissa Sosa of In Order Design is an organization goddess! My home office is such a pleasure to be in and everything is precisely in it’s place. She worked wonders with the label maker so I can find everything I need in a second. Every aspect of my family’s life has become easier. My son can find exactly where his train books are (not with the truck or animal books – in the train section!), My daughter can actually walk through her room and has empty shelf space (!!), and the piece de resistance – I have an EMPTY KITCHEN DRAWER. I am going to leave that drawer empty forever just ’cause it feels so good."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the organizing process with In Order Design from beginning to end.  Melissa put me completely at ease. She didn't pass any judgment on our very disorganized 'before' state. And worked quickly. Efficiently. And transformed our kitchen and basement right before my very eyes."

"To be afforded the opportunity to work with Melissa Bobby Sosa is an absolute dream. I have had the pleasure of having her re-construct 3 rooms in my home.  Each of which were unquestionably successful. Melissa’s style when re-working a space tends to be of the philosophy, that each client may already have a collection of special pieces that are just not be being utilized to their fullest potential.  However, she is also sensitive while bringing to light, that other pieces may be weighing down a beautiful space and could very well become someone else’s treasure. Instead of feeling the overwhelming process of re-designing your home, Melissa makes each project a fun and creative journey."

"My only suggestion for In Order Design is to remind Melissa to eat her lunch!!!  She works so incredibly hard and many times forgets to eat or even drink anything.  Her dedication and energy for what she does is truly amazing! She keeps up a pace and an energy that is truly commendable.  Thank you Melissa!"