Home Organizing

We will work with you in your home to determine what you would like to accomplish in your space.  With a focus on your routines and everyday activities, we will complete logical organizing steps to simplify and organize your living quarters.  It is our goal to provide the following:

Efficient storage solutions
A daily paper flow plan
A well organized collection of photos, artwork and more
Clutter free space where you can enjoy each other
A home containing only the things that are useful, beautiful and meaningful
A home you want to invite friends into
A garage where you can park your car

Reclaim your living and working environments!  Love your house and optimize your time at home by tackling the clutter and getting organized.

Office Organization

In Order Design specializes in new business organization and development.  We have organizing solutions to eliminate the unnecessary stress that clutter can cause, giving you the clarity to focus on your work.  We will organize your workspace and optimize your ability to run a successful small business from home.  Do you want to be inspired and motivated in your office?  You will work more efficiently when you have the following:

A clutter free office and desktop
A customized filing system
The ability to retrieve what you need when you need it
An inspiration zone that keeps you motivated and focused on your goals

Our goal is to create organized, functional and beautiful spaces.  Let our professional services meet your every home organization need. 

Moving Services

If your house is soon to be on the market, or is and isn’t selling – it’s time to purge and get organized.  Potential buyers are interested in seeing the bones of the house, and need space to imagine how their things might look.   In Order Design will create a pristine and appealing environment, fit for open houses and viewings.  Let us help you with the following:

Pre-moving purge and de-clutter
Post-moving set up

Make moving and selling simple by taking advantage of our exclusive organizing techniques that will make your transition smoother.