About Melissa Sosa

With a background in project management, human resources and customer service, Melissa Sosa has the skills needed to transform her clients’ lives.  Melissa believes it is important to make every moment count, and this translates into her commitment to help her clients enjoy their homes and lives more fully. 

Melissa loves projects that bring about improvement and is very interested in seeing the possibilities, particularly in people, beyond the present moment.  It is this ability to recognize future potential that compelled Melissa to turn her passion for home organization into a full time career. 
Melissa’s contagious enthusiasm will motivate and energize anyone she works with, while her fresh outlook brings sparkle, zest and vigor to every project she undertakes.  In a sentence, Melissa Sosa makes impossible dreams come true.

The In Order Process
In Order Design is a professional Organizing company specializing in helping clients de-clutter and de-stress their homes and lives. We work together with our clients to create balance and flow in all areas of your home, office or workplace.  Most importantly, we provide you with the necessary skills to maintain your newly found order once we’re gone.  The gift of organization is one that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.